Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 10 - Chandigarh to Delhi

Minister of State, Tariq Anwar and Class 42
Travel day and meetings in Delhi.  We boarded our bus early for the 6-hour trek from Chandigarh to New Delhi for meetings with India's  Minister of State focusing on Agriculture and Food Processing industries, Mr, Tariq Anwar.

Chandigarh Countryside
Along the route we were able to view the countryside of Punjab and Haryana while enjoying each other's company and developing lifelong friendships with each other in true 'AgLeadership' form. In Delhi, Mr. Anwar shared with us his views on technology transfer from California to India's agriculture community as well as the issue of retaining labor of younger generations in the field of Agriculture.  

Delhi Traffic!

We capped the day's activities by sharing a dinner with another Agricultural leadership development group, the Advanced Agriculture Leadership Program (AALP) based in Ontario, Canada.  During dinner we enjoyed collaborative dialogue about each other's respective programs as well as making new friendships and connections. We're thankful to AALP for braving the India rush-hour (it's always rush hour in India) traffic and joining us for dinner. 

We also bid farewell to our trusted tourguide and new friend, Raj before we packed and prepared to go onward to the 2nd part of our trip, Nepal


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